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The Rainbow Road School Programme

The Rainbow Road  Programme is a treasury of 220 targeted activity Cards to develop student’s development of 22 Foundational skills including Sensory Motor, Fine Motor, Visual Perceptual, and Memory areas.


Written by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of experience, each activity is tried and tested. Activities are designed with purposeful play and therapeutic value as key features.  Efficient documentation systems support the implementation of the programme, whether with individuals or in small groups.  The programme is also ideal for using across whole year levels in the early years.


The Rainbow Road Programme has been created to help children aged from 4 to 12 years of age with specific learning difficulties.  It was created out of the growing demand for school based Therapy programmes, due to the shortage of Occupational Therapists.

The Programme is centered on a set of colourful cards, each with a single activity or task to be performed. The cards are grouped into various skill groups and reflect the seven colours of the rainbow.


Optimally, the Programme has been designed to be used in collaboration with an Occupational Therapist, who can provide specific assessment to determine which skill areas would be relevant to the child. These skills are given simple codes that relate to the Rainbow Road cards and are recorded on the progress sheet. From there the Learning support Teacher or Teacher’s  assistants can quickly devise an individual programme for that student.


New in the fourth edition is the Teacher’s Observation Guide to Skill Selection. (TOGS). This observation based Teacher Questionnaire allows Teachers and support Staff to identify possible areas of delay across the 22 Skill Areas within the programme. Once these skill weaknesses have been identified they are prioritised and the relevant sections of the programme can be accessed for that Student’s specific profile.


220 Detailed Activity Cards

What does the

Rainbow Road School Programme contain?

CD ROM of Printable Resources

Each durable gloss coated card lists a specific activitiy linked to one of the 22 skill areas  with full details of materials required, step by step instructions, and tips on varying the activity to maintain interest and challenge. 

The  CD ROM of Free Printable Resources  equates to over 500 pages of unique game cards, worksheets and Student stimulus pages.  Easily print just one resource or the entire set of resources for a specific skill area. 

The Manual is your go- to guide to get you started. Whether you work with an individual student or a whole year level, the planning and progress documentation has been taken care of! Use the Handy Shopping lists to get all of your materials organised and be ready to start your Rainbow Road Journey at your school. 

Spiral Bound Manual 

Finger Circus Board Game


This cute A4 Laminated Spinner Board Game gets students practicing eight nifty movements that enhance muscle tone, finger dexterity and small hand muscle strength. 

Site License

Cost of programme includes a perpetual Site License Fee. Pay once and use the programme for as many students and for as many years as required.  Excellent value given the  massive content and variety of the programme across the whole primary age range.

22 Skill Areas

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