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Rainbow 'round the Clock

Written by Coralee Lawrence, Occupational Therapist and Mother of two.

An extension of the highly popular Rainbow Road School Programme, this is the busy Parent’s answer to how to help children develop their skills and make the most of life in the busy 21st Century.

This innovative approach combines Purposeful Activity, Sensory Inputs and Behavioural insights into the round the clock challenges of young children.

Fully supported with printable pages including games, charts and checklists, this CD-ROM is a powerful parenting tool for children aged four to twelve. This is a valuable resource that you will use for years to come.


Also Ideal for

  • Occupational Therapy Home Programme activities

  • Supporting children’s fine and gross motor development

  • Grandparent and Foster Care situations

Wake Up Shake Up-
How to get your children up and out the door with a smile on their face. Tips and techniques for getting moving in the morning and creating the right start to the day.


Car Capers + Waiting Wonders-
Don’t just sit there! How to make the most of when you are stuck in traffic or a queue. How to avoid meltdowns and mayhem. Turn supermarket shopping into super learning opportunities.


Joyful Jobs-
Discover the power of getting the job done with fun! Use your child’s growing independence to grow their confidence and competence.


Moovy Groovy Fun-
Great ways to get some movement back into childhood. How to develop Sensory Motor, Planning and eye hand co-ordination skills.


Happier Home Work –
Helps develop handwriting and scissor skills at home to help homework become more hassle free. Tips on time management and environment to get the most out of homework.


Magic Meal Times-
A fresh look at making food and family less stressful through behaviour and sensory strategies.

Brilliant Bedtimes-

Getting a good night’s sleep for everyone’s sakes! Ideas for calming and creating soothing slumber! Explores the behavioural approaches needed to create successful sleep routines.

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