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About Us

Rainbow Road Programme is the brainchild of Coralee Lawrence an Occupational Therapist with a passion for creatively cajoling children to reach their developmental potential.


Over the last 25 years Rainbow Road Resources Pty Ltd has been producing quality products for the educational market providing Occupational Therapy inspired activities to those who may not have acess to such services.

220 unique Intervention activities for building vital developmental skills in all students across the primary years of education. The broadest programme on the market, Rainbow Road covers 22 skills across seven major areas of development including Fine Motor, Visual Perceptual, Gross Motor, and Memory Skills.


Fully supported by a comprehensive manual with quick to complete planning and progess forms, Rainbow Road is a fully supported Intervention programme ideal for  non -specialists.  The programme can be used in groups or individual situations, using highly engaging games, activities and experiences.  The full colour printable resources allows schools to produce an extensive libary of card sets, stimulus pages and worksheets.


A perpetual Licence arrangement guarantees unlimited use of the programme on your educational or health site across all year levels. 


All Editions are now sold out! Thank you to the  1000 plus schools who continue to assist their Students' development through Rainbow Road.

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